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Why Instagram and why you absolutely need to buy Instagram followers as quickly as you possibly can

You’re probably wondering why I recommend that you jump aboard Instagram over all of the other social media networks that you could purchase followers four – especially Facebook and Twitter in particular.

The reason is relatively simple and straightforward. It’s that you’ll find far less competition on Instagram right now then you would on Facebook or Twitter, the two largest social media networks on the planet. Facebook alone has something like 500 trillion users logging in each and every second of the day, and you’ll have to try and put your marketing messages above that noise on a regular basis if you’re going to have any success whatsoever. Twitter has almost the same amount of tweets being pumped out on a regular basis, and the same problem lies there.

But Instagram is different.

An almost entirely visual medium where pictures demand attention that you just don’t have influence over capturing the same way with words like on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives you the opportunity to a rise above all of the other noise simply because there is far less of it. This means that when you go to buy Instagram followers from they will be dramatically cheaper, you’ll have a far more likelihood of connecting with them instantly, and you’ll also be able to establish a real relationship with as many of them as humanly possible – pushing them deeper and deeper into your marketing funnel and turning your business into an overnight success.

Isn’t trying to buy Instagram followers wrong – don’t I have to do this the old-fashioned way?

All right, so your sold on the concept but aren’t sure exactly how you move forward. After all, isn’t the process to buy Instagram followers 100% illegal, against all that Instagram stands for, and the fastest way to getting the ban hammer dropped right on top of your little head?

In order: No, no, and definitely not.

There is absolutely no rule anywhere whatsoever that states that you cannot go out and buy Instagram followers, push them to your Instagram account, and then generate real traffic to all of your other web properties in an effort to sell them. Instagram could care less as to whether or not you’re creating your Instagram followers in a 100% organic way or if you are purchasing every single one of them, as you are free to do with your Instagram account anything you like – as long as it doesn’t violate their rules. And because there isn’t a rule for this specific process – or any process even vaguely similar to it – you are 100% in the free and clear.

Now, you probably shouldn’t run around and tell all of your competitors that you are purchasing Instagram followers to inflate your numbers and boost your marketing effectiveness – but that’s just because you would be exposing and insider secret that most people are unaware of.

All right, I meant – How do I buy Instagram followers anyway?

Good. Good.

This is the fastest way to get an almost unfair advantage over your global competition (which by the way continues to increase almost every second of every single day, with more and more people from all corners of the world jumping onto the web and trying to steal your customers right from underneath you). But you need to know what you’re doing when you start to why Instagram followers.

First, you need to determine exactly how many you’re going to need to purchase right off the bat to make a tremendous impact and verify that this investment is going to produce the kind of results you are looking for. One way to get this kind of insider information is to look around at other Instagram accounts in your niche, see exactly how many Instagram followers they currently have, and then just shoot for that number.

Of course, if you don’t have the funds to go whole hog and purchase thousands and thousands at a time – just buy as many Instagram followers as you can and let the rest sort itself out.

STOP! Don’t even consider purchasing Instagram followers until you read this section!

Final thoughts

All in all, the process to buy Instagram followers is relatively simple and straightforward. If you use your common sense you should be able to navigate this industry with ease, and will soon see the kind of truly transformative results that social media is able to produce if only you understand what you’re doing. The insider information shared above is not the kind of stuff you want to pass along to your competition, so closely guard that these tactics and techniques as much as you possibly can. Obviously, you don’t need to lock them in a safety deposit box – but don’t go around bragging about them either.

Good luck!